If it was enough to simply workout and eat right, everyone would be their healthiest selves! So WHY do so many of us do well for a few weeks, get some results and then fall right back into the same cycles?

I finally saw the results I wanted when I decided to fully commit to my overall health; mental, physical, spiritual, and my nutrition.

& this is what I teach the women who are in my VIP Accountability Group. This group is my private, online community of women doing health and fitness TOGETHER, even though their journey’s are not the same! These women work hard to break their old habits and create new ones. They are dedicated to themselves, our community, and learning to fall in love with their bodies.

The details

An overview of my monthly accountability group


As you know, my accountability groups focus on fitness and nutrition but they also teach you how to transform your mindset… the underlying thing that continues to hold you back from achieving your goals. 

Current VIP Group Details!

Free Resources

Get access to my library full of free resources.

customized training routine

Simple nutrition

Pick from 2 complete nutrition programs and learn how to fuel your body with whole foods while healing your relationship with food.


support & community

I Will Teach You How To Fuel Your Body With Whole, Clean Foods.

Community And Accountability Are The Secret Combination To Getting Lasting Results.

I Will Teach You How To Make Fitness Convenient And Fun!

Our community  checks in daily through our app. There I will teach you how to create habits & routines that can transform your mind + body + life.


Our training programs will incorporate resistance training, cardio, upper body, & lower body through high-energy workouts!