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Health + Fitness Accountability Group Coaching

April 5, 2021

Jessica Gruber

If you are HERE that’s because you want to know the ins & outs of my monthly VIP Accountability groups!

I coach online accountability groups for women where we focus on 4 components of our overall wellness; fitness, nutrition, mindset, and community. These women are from all over the country (& Canada).


Unlike when you go to a gym and you have to figure out what the heck to do once you’re in there, you are set up with the same at-home fitness streaming library that I use {or you can use it anywhere you have wifi}!

The fitness library has tons of incredible certified trainer-led workouts & complete workout programs available to meet your needs while giving you a variety based on workout type, equipment needed, time requirement, and trainer style! {Remember, you are with me for the long haul! So finish one program and on to the next – or repeat ones you love!} Once you enroll, we will work together to pick a program that best suits your needs.


In addition to trainer-led workouts, you also get complete nutrition support with 2 complete nutrition programs. Both programs are designed by a team of dietitians and you will learn how to fuel your body to meet whatever your personal wellness goals are. Both programs are simple systems that will fit YOUR life focusing on eating whole food groups in proper portions. No restricting and no counting.

I support my clients by providing optional weekly done-for-you meal plans that fit either of the nutrition programs we follow. I know your life is busy and while these programs will become the foundation of your new lifestyle, my job is stepping in to provide the tools to make your day-to-day life easier.


Most people who start out on their health+ fitness journey “fail”.

& if you’re reading this, chances are, you feel like you’ve “failed” by your own definition on your health + fitness journey.

My personal journey has been one with lots of lessons learned and I’m still learning daily. It’s a blessing to share all that I’ve learned with the ladies in my community by teaching them that the key component to their success with their health + fitness (& anything they do in their life) is their mindset. The hardest muscle, yet the most powerful one.

We dedicate each month to a theme surrounding our mindset shift. Inside the community, I teach you small, tangible ways you can shift your current mindset and retrain your brain to build resiliency in all areas. The beauty in this component of our group is that instead of pinteresting ‘motivational’ quotes or mindlessly scrolling social media pages praying for a ‘word’, everything you need is right in our private community. If you show up and do the work, you will get results in all aspects.

BONUS RESOURCES: live mini-trainings, 30 day podcast calendars, digital trackers, optional monthly challenges, (decluttering, spring cleaning, goal setting, self-care).


If it was enough to simply workout and eat right, everyone would be their healthiest selves! But what happens when a day is busy or hard? Or you just don’t ‘feel’ like taking care of yourself? Who is going to be available every day to remind you – YOU GOT THIS?!

That is where the magic happens in our ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP. It is our private online community of women empowering women to prioritize themselves every day. This community is so incredible; it is full of women across the world {US, CAN, UK} checking in with their workouts, nutrition, sharing tips, asking questions, leaning in and being supported as we all take care of ourselves together! We connect through a private app that syncs each time you complete a workout (think of it like a health & fitness journal but in a digital format!) 

The BEST part is when you enroll, you are a member of my ongoing bootcamp for an entire YEAR!


As your coach, it’s my job to hold you accountable. This does not mean I will be you babysitter 😉 It DOES mean that I’m here for you; to chat about what’s going on in your life, meal plan with you, open a zoom line and do my workout with you, and to notice when you start “falling off track” so I can help you troubleshoot. You do not have to do this alone, girlfriend and YES it really can be this simple.

Friend…it is time for you to feel your BEST – body, mind, & spirit!
Fill out this quick form about your personal goals & you will hear back from me within 24 hours!



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