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I Do Boundaries, Bible Study

March 3, 2021

Jessica Gruber

I started this bible study in January this year (2021) and the only reason I joined is because Havilah Cunnington is one of my favorite Christian Women Speakers & Authors.

I didn’t think I needed help on boundaries. After all, as a health and fitness coach, this is something I teach to my clients… yet everything in this study was what I needed to learn and more.

Last January I joined her new bible study at that time, I Do Hard Things, and definitely felt called to that study. What I loved is how the study is broken apart into days (there’s a “lesson” for each day) along with a reflection piece and scripture. She lead an online study through her community, Truth to Table, where she shared a video lesson that went along with each day. I loved the layout, lessons, and how easy it was to incorporate in my quiet time each morning.

So, it was a no-brainer when I saw that she was launching a new study for the new year and would be leading another online group with it. I didn’t really care what the study was about, I just wanted to join.

Per usual, Jesus spoke.

Funny how He does that, isn’t it?

He always knows just what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. Our job is to be willing and ready to receive it.

The study dives deep into these topics:

  • How do I gain control of my life, schedule, and emotions?
  • How do I confidently set boundaries and let others know them?
  • How do I communicate my boundaries without fear of rejection or loss of friendship?
  • How do I remove people who are behaving poorly from my life?
  • How do I protect what matters most to me without regret?
I Do Boundaries Bible Study and video content from Havilah Cunnington

If you’re needing a good bible study, give this one a try. If you order the book from Amazon, be sure you also sign-up to be part of the free Truth To Table Community to get access to the video trainings as well!

More of my favorite bible studies and books can be found here!

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