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Spring Cleaning, Organizing Your Pantry Like A Pro

March 2, 2021

Jessica Gruber

A well-organized pantry can help or hider your nutritional goals. 

When you go to your pantry, do you first see: processed snacks, lots of “kid food”, that halloween candy, chips, cookies… you know, the things we grab when we are starving? 

If so, it’s time for a make-over! 

Let’s be real, it’s HEALTHY to go through your pantry, dust off the shelves and make sure that you KNOW what’s in there & everything is supporting your current nutritional goals.  Here’s a few easy steps on how to do that.

Step 1: Declutter

It’s time to throw out the old halloween candy, check expiration dates, and if you’re hanging onto something you “might” use, go ahead and get rid of that too! If you shop in bulk, portion out your healthy snacks into smaller, easy-to-grab containers and store large jars behind them. 

Step 2: Organize by Grouping

Group similar items together. For example, your canned goods in one section; if you’re extra like me, canned veggies in one area, canned fruit in another, rice/oats in one, you catch my drift? Doing this allows you to easily check your pantry before grocery shopping and helps during a quick meal prep. Basically, make your pantry a mini grocery store so you can utilize it easier.

Step 3: Organize by Storing

Do you know what FEELS good? Opening your pantry and SEEING a clear, clean space. This is the PERFECT time to grab some storage bins, stackable containers, and lazy susan organizers to better utilize your space. Clear containers are helpful because you can see inside, but you should label similar-looking grains and other staples.

PERSONAL TIP: we use a “bin” that has our “treat” foods. It isn’t see through and it isn’t at eye-level. This helps avoid the usual hangry grab & go snack. 

If you’ve found that you have a ton of food that you can’t force yourself to trash and it hasn’t expired, find recipes that you can use one or more of these items. Use those recipes over the next few weeks (while incorporating fresh veggies, of course) and you will go through them in no time! 

Happy cleaning!

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