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January 5, 2021

Jessica Gruber

virtual health & fitness coaching

January 2021 VIP Accountability Group Details


I know for many people, it felt like they’d never make it through 2020, but here we are! 


After a year that has been so OUT OF CONTROL, it’s time we focus on controlling what we can & start 2021 STRONG!  

When life is challenging everything, it’s important to take control of what you can, and that means taking control of your health, fitness, and nutrition, so you can respond to anything else life throws your way. From my own personal struggle with stress and anxiety, taking care of myself from working out to eating foods that bless my body to drinking more water, it has helped me respond so much better to life stresses!

My brand new program is going to empower you to control the controllable of taking care of you so you can feel your best INSIDE-out: body, mind and spirit.

This month I have two options for you to join me in my VIP Accountability Group! 


In our newest program, 9 Week Control Freak, Autumn Calabrese is teaching us how to take back control of our fitness, nutrition, and our mindset. Here’s the details on this AMAZING program 👇 

Autumn Calabrese created 9 Week Control Freak to help you get game-changing results—

but there’s a catch

You have to give her everything, and take control of the things that truly dictate your quality of life… like your strength, stamina, nutrition, and even your sleep. Go all in, and you’ll absolutely reach whatever goals you’ve set for this year! (& DON’T WORRY GF… you’ll have ME as your coach doing this program right alongside you AND our entire VIP Community full of women ready to cheer you on!) 

If you choose to join us, your 9 Week Control Freak enrollment pack will also include TWO healthy eating programs (try both and see which works best for your lifestyle!), as well as top-quality clean nutritional supplements like Shakeology (superfood daily smoothie & nutrient foundation) OR Energize (clean pre-workout) and Recover (recovery protein). 

Here’s a little more about the program here


 Not sure if you’re quite ready to jump right in? No worries girl, I’ve STILL got you! We will work together to pick a program that best suits YOUR lifestyle + goals. You’ll still get complete access to our entire workout library (Beachbody On Demand), nutrition programs + your choice of supplements, our accountability group, and me as your coach! 

SO… You ready to take back control with us?

Fill out this quick form & we will chat!

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